Reading the Bible in a Multicultural Group

Everyone reads differently

A migrant who escaped the war in Syria would read the Bible differently from a migrant from Nigeria, or an expat from China. It is in any case inspiring to read the Bible together, but it is especially enriching if we do so with different cultures. Therefore we are developing material.

What do we do?

Together with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) we have developed bible study materials. There are 10 lessons from the gospel of Marc. The course has been tested with 15 multicultural pilot groups. The PKN organizes frequently trainings for interested groups.

How can you help?
Do you want to read the bible with your multicultural group? Or does your church want to search for contact with Christians from other cultures? Please contact us and we want to guide you.

You can also donate by filling in the form below to support our work so that we can make new materials.