Buna for Eritrean Women

Traumatising Journey

Among the Eritrean migrants are a lot of young women, who have only arrived in the Netherlands recently. They often have one or several small children and spend the main share of their time at home. Research shows (see report below, Dutch only) that the main share of women who fled to the Netherlands faced (sexual) violence in the country they left as well as on their journey to the Netherlands. Many of them are severely traumatised. In general, they do not find the way to common social help, usually due to the language barrier. These women are often Eritrean, orthodox Christian, but there is little interaction between them and Dutch Christians due to the language and cultural barriers. However, we’d love to build bridges and open contact with them.

What do we do?

Our Eritrean Country Team builds relationships with women from this group. After we build a report with them we invite them to a relaxing and fun ‘coffee moment’ where they can forget about their worries for an afternoon, a safe space where they are welcome with their children. From this situation we offer a open heart and listening ear.

What can you do?

Make these coffee moments possible by financially supporting us.