Mission & Vission


The Dutch Church changes colour. We dream that in increasingly more locations migrants and those born in the Netherlands with believe together. We dream that this causes groups and communities to form, helping migrants with faith integration. We hope that migrants themselves eventually will support others from their own culture with faith and existential questions. To start this movement we work together with partner organisations and churches. We look for pioneers and volunteers who in a respectful and reciprocal, intercultural relationship want to share faith.



Integration is about so much more than knowing the Dutch language and finding a job. Migrants also have different questions such as: how can they and their children shape their identity and religion in a, for them unknown, culture?

…with heart…

We stimulate loving, multicultural communities. It is enriching when those who were born as Dutch and those who arrived here as migrants live together.

…and soul

There are more than one million Christian migrants in the Netherlands. We want to offer them a warm home in which they can practice their faith. Migrants with a background in a different faith can also wonder about the Christian religion. The Netherlands offers freedom for each in their individual search for faith and we want to respectfully offer them support and help during this search.

This is why our mission is:

“Encouraging migrants and those born in the Netherlands to live and believe together, so that migrants can be, or become, Christians in the Dutch context.”