Sharing bread team

Sharing bread

What is it?

We have been touched by the loneliness and separation of people from different nationalities in the Netherlands. It is always easy and safe to only interact with people from our own culture. Often, this is not even a conscious choice, but it is just because you’re so used to doing so. It can be hard to form bonds with people from different cultures and to step out of your comfort zone. We are an online platform, formed to decrease the distance between people from different backgrounds. We are a space where you can build low-key contact with people from different cultures. We discover different ways of professing faith, of living in the Netherlands and of cultures. No-one is excluded and we do not judge. It is not a negative thing to be different, we love unique individuals. We aim to build bridges in modern ways; not by preaching, or in an old-fashioned way, but practically and inspiring.

What do we do?

As a Christian online lifestyle women platform we show that faith is something for every stage of your life. On Instagram and Facebook your interests are our interests! Our followers can suggest themes they’d like to learn more about. Some examples are: the environment, loss, clothing, body, music and much more. On Facebook and Instagram we post every week. We have conversations about religious questions and post Bible texts in a modern context. We don’t shy away from difficult questions – difficult things simply are part of life. We don’t just share pictures that are ‘complete’ but also share things that are real and raw. Life is not perfect and we will not pretend it is on Instagram. We produce free profiles of ‘power women’ and their favourite Bible texts. This way, every day, you see something to inspire you to be Christian in your day to day life. In our Insta stories people from all kinds of backgrounds tell stories about their way of living their faith.

We are not just an online presence: we also organise workshops, for now mainly in the surroundings of Gouda. We arrange cultural cooking and baking workshops, dancing workshops, cultural high teas and much more!

What can you do?

You would already help us by simply following us on Instagram and/or Facebook. Ask your questions about faith and life in general, or get inspired by others. On our social media channels we also share the upcoming workshops in which you can participate – feel free to bring your girlfriends!

Share your idea or talent

Do you have fun DIY ideas or a talent for cooking or baking? Or are you fluent in other languages? Would you like to share your story?
Please contact us and we’ll find a way for you to assist us!

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