Intervision for Leaders

An increasing number of ministers, church workers and pioneers work with, or amongst migrants in their congregations. Often in their education not enough time and attention has been spent on this. What is needed to lead multicultural missionary work? How does this impact your person and your being a Christian? In a huddle we bring our leaders together for inspiration, encouragement and support.

What is a huddle?

A huddle is a biweekly intervisionary meeting with (migrant)leaders, in order to share experiences of work and faith and to discover, together, how God works in our (multicultural and missionary) contexts. We also keep each other accountable on our specific plans and encourage each other through prayer. A huddle ideally exists of 4-6 leaders and will meet for 1 year.

How can you help?

We want to learn what ministers and leaders need in support and training relating to multicultural, missionary work with and amongst migrants. We are also, together with the,‘expert network migrants’, in conversation with studies and educations in order to ensure this to be included in the curriculum. Additionally, we teach guest lectures.
You can support this development by donating.
If you are interested in taking part in our huddles, please feel free to contact us.